Step for Track DHL India Courier Online

DHL India Courie

About DHL India Courier Company

World’s market pioneer in the ocean to air mail, DHL Courier is a standout amongst the most prevalent way to entryway messenger administrations in India also all inclusive. The world’s no. 1 messenger organization has its system in more than 220 nations and innumerable regions over the world, working as DHL Tracking, DHL Parcel, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight, DHL e-commerce and DHL Supply Chain. Perpetual quantities of logistics needs are taken care of by DHL through its labor surpassing 3.25 lakhs. DHL has a place with German postal and logistic organization Deutsche Post DHL Group and was pioneer in giving best couriering answer for the corporate part with alluring costs

 DHL India Courie

In 2009, it laid out objectives for the future in our Strategy 2015, including our vision and mission for our organization. Our vision underlines that they need to be The Logistics Company for the World. This goes past the basic truth that, as a worldwide organization, they are available in more than 220 nations and regions, or that they are regularly the principal logistics organization to enter new markets. The vision focuses on that they need to be the logistics supplier individuals swing to – their first decision for all their transportation needs, as well as a representative or financial specialist.

Services of DHL India Courier Company

Taking after are the diverse segments of DHL giving differed esteemed administrations to business clients to shoppers:

  • DHL Express – Parcel and Package Services.
  • DHL e-Commerce – Safe gathering and conveyance of packages for corporate also customers.
  • DHL Global Forwarding/DHL Logistics – International delivery, Freight Forwarding administrations, Warehousing and appropriation administrations, Temperature-controlled transportation, Green Logistic Solutions and financier.
  • DHL Supply Chain – Temperature controlled inventory network administration, modified direct dispersion answers for dissimilar divisions’ life medical services and modern.

How to track DHL India Courier Online

  1. To track your group, first go to the official passage (
  2. In the ‘Track your Shipment’ range on greeting page, enter your shipment number.
  3. Click on the Track tab. You can track various groups by segregating taking after numbers by commas.


DHL exceeds expectations in consumer loyalty with expedient conveyances; get the package administration and brisk reaction to clients’ inquiries. DHL holds a solid client care emotionally supportive network where clients can contact the DHL toll free number or local workplaces of DHL. DHL can likewise be reached online at its webpage for any inquiry or issue with respect to your shipment or in regards to value, cargo and shipment conditions.

Telangana epass Application Status: TS Epass cgg


TS Epass Status online

You have come to the right place to check Telangana epass Application Status online. Telangana epass scholarship scheme is launched for those students who are not able to get the education due to poor condition. Students are paid some of amount from this organization. SC, ST, OBC and physically disabled students are eligible to get this type of benefit. It is also a good scheme for those students who are running under the extreme poverty level. Students can pass the Telangana Epass scholarship online through its official website. Students can track the Telangana epass application status by following the below mentioned process. Here we have mentioned the one by one process for how to apply for epass scholarship for Telangana state. Please check the under mentioned process.

TS Epass

How to Check Telangana Epass Application Status

Telangana state has offered the beautiful EPass scheme for this year too. Pre-matric and Post-metric students are invited to use this process and avail the benefits of epass scheme. Now let’s take you to the process.

  • First of all you need to visit its registered website
  • Once you open the page you will see Scholarship status link, click on that link.
  • The new page will open where you need to select the related course.
  • Now enter application number, the academic year, ssc exam number
  • Now enter the pass type and passing year.
  • Enter the date of birth in the synchronized manner of Date/ Month/ Year manner.
  • Now give a mouse hit on check status tab.

What is TS Epass

Epass is a short form of Electronic Payment and Application System of Scholarships. Telangana State has also launched this type of scheme to help the poor and needy students of Telangana state. It is available for Pre Metric and post metric students. Students whose family income is less than 1 lakh per year are also eligible for this scheme. Some disabled students are also included here. Students can easily check the ecs status by entering the matching details. Here we have stated the complete details about how to check the TS Epass status online. Students can easily verify Epass scholarship status of current year through this helping guide.



Learn to Download PF Withdrawal Form


In this article we are going to provide you the complete knowledge about how to download PF withdrawal form. If you want to transfer your PF amount or withdraw your PF amount you can easily send a request to EPFO office through PF withdrawal form. There are various types of PF withdrawal forms like EPF form 13, Form 14, Form 10, Form 20, Form 31 and many others which are very useful for the PF holder to claim their earnings. Here, Employer’s attestation is not mandatory. Here we have offered link to download your PF withdrawal form online. If you know about the online PF withdrawal facility and already applied for PF Claim, then you can also check the PF claim status online now. And if you are still not following how to download the PF Withdrawal form, please see to under mentioned guidelines.

How to Download PF Withdrawal Form

First of all visit to the registered EPFO site.

Here you will be given the PF withdrawal form link.

Click and download the form which you belonged to.

Now fill up the necessary information.

  1. Your PF account number
  2. Your Bank account number
  3. IFSC code of your bank
  4. Date of joining and
  5. Date of leaving

You must carry all the details with you. You will be asked to submit all the details.

If you want to count your PF interest rate and PF amount you can view it through using PF calculator tool from EPFO website. It will help you in counting your PF amount as per the current interest rate.

Once you enter all the details submit the form.

If you have activated UAN number, please mention it in the form.  UAN stands for Universal Account No. this number remains same till the retirement age. This will make your process easy. And if you have Aadhar card no, link UAN No with Aadhaar card. EPFO do not ask to enter signature or any other proof once your link Aadhar card with UAN no.

This is how anyone can ask and argue for PF withdrawal claim online. You can also ask and query about PF claim status by entering into the registered EPFO site.


Get Bank of Baroda Customer Care Details

BOB care number

Bank of Baroda Customer Care

Bank of Baroda is one of the prominent banks of India. If you have any query or argue related to bank you can send your complaints through BOB customer care number. ed  Here we have enclosed the BOB 24×7 helpline number for the customer convenience. Below is the contact number and other details to send your queries to the customer care executive.

BOB 24×7 Help Line Number

BOB care number

BOB toll free customer care number: 1800 22 33 44, 1800 102 44 55

For Debit Cards Inquiry: 1800 22 04 00

Above contacts are toll free customer care numbers to send your request and queries to the Bank authority.

Bank of Baroda Head Office Address

Suraj Plaza, Sayaji Gunj, Baroda 390005

Contact Number: (0265) 2361852

Fax: (0265) 2362395, 2361824, 2361806

Bob official website:

E mail:

All the above mentioned updates and information are going to help you at the best. It is specially launched lodge your complaints and issues regarding BOB services.

What is BOB

Bank of Baroda is an Indian bank with headquarter in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. This was came in existence on 1906. It is known as one of the oldest bank of India. Its branch is also located in international countries like London, Hongkong, Moscow, Shanghai, Dubai and New York. BOB deals with providing best financial services to corporate and individual customers. It offers savings accounts, personal savings accounts, home loans, personal loans, gold loans, credit card facility, debit card facility and many other financial services. Bank of Baroda is one of the big four nationalized bank of India.

It has various branches all across India. The bank follows 5111 branches and around 6000 ATM services all India.

Bank of Baroda understands customer’s problem. And for this reason it has developed BOI customer care number. This help line number is followed to resolve the problems and queries quickly. Bank of Baroda has trained customer care executives to reduce the burden of bankers. The enclosing details are truly going to help you to mention your problem. You can also visit this number get the information about the new products and schemes launched by BOB.



How To Add A Beneficiary To A SBI Account?

How to work Banking System in India

Want to add beneficiary account in branch of SBI? This is the guest post by Here you can get idea about how to add a beneficiary to a SBI Account.

In order to facilitate transfer of funds between two bank accounts at State Bank of India, it is of extreme importance to possess two accounts. For this reason, adding a beneficiary account will come in handy, as it eases out the process of transferring funds through the online platform.

Currently SBI is working at a pretty large facility that comprises of over 12500 branches in India with 25000 ATM’s all over the city, with 80 million bank account holders relying on it for monetary needs. The online platform that the bank provides makes it easier to transfer funds.

How to work Banking System in India

Steps For Add Beneficiary

In order to add a beneficiary to a SBI account’s online platform, one needs to follow the following steps.

Firstly, one should login to the online banking platform of SBI. For this purpose you could use the website If you have a savings account, click on the “retail user” button, which is located at right side of the home page. After entering the ID and password, a secure login will be facilitated to the SBI online platform.

It is important to remember to enter the right password without any mistakes, as multiple login attempts will trouble the system.

After logging in, you will find a link that reads “Transactions”. from the menu, click on the “Manage Beneficiary” option to further the process.

You will come across different options like “Add NEFT Payee”, “Add within SBI” and “Add RTGS Payee”. If you are adding a beneficiary with a SBI account, select the 2nd option. The other two are useful for beneficiaries without a PNB account. Here I am adding NEFT Payee.

Add Beneficiary in SBI Account

After selecting this option, click “Okay” to complete this step.

Subsequently, you will be asked for beneficiary’s account number and a Nick Name.

Once this is filled in, validate the account and also select whether you want to provide it Global or Local access.

Once this is done, enter the IFSC code of the beneficiary’s bank branch, after which you will be asked to define the transaction limits on the same screen. A transaction password needs to be filled up for added security. Enter transaction password and click “Submit” button.

“Hint: IFSC code is necessary for RTGS, IMPS and NEFT Transactions. For example ifsc code of pnb bank of a particular branch is PUNB0339800”.

Once this step is done without any hassles, you will have to confirm beneficiary from the confirmation list. Just tick the current beneficiary and click the “confirm” button to confirm the addition of the beneficiary to the account.


Thanks to technology and the immense speed of the internet, the One Time Password, will be sent to you in a jiffy to your registered mobile number. After you enter the OTP and confirm the beneficiary you would have added the beneficiary to the SBI bank account and check status all by crossing your legs at home.

The best part about the SBI online portal is that it allows you to add beneficiaries who possess accounts in other banks as well.  This has far simplified the ease with which these online transactions take place, as a result of which more people have started utilizing these mind -blowing features with utmost ease.

Check Pan Card status By Acknowledgement No


Check Pan Card status

After the demonetization people realize to apply for the Pan Card. People who have a lot of cash in hand and were not registering in bank now they need a Pan Card to deposit the 50000 or more cash. Applying pan card online is very easy method. You can download PAN application form and register for new Pan Card. You can also apply for duplicate pan card or reprint of Pan Card from here. If you have already registered for Pan Card and you don’t get the Pan Card at your address still, you can verify Pan Card status here.
Pan Card status By Acknowledgement No

  • You can verify Pan Card current status through entering acknowledgement no.
  • Just open the tin-nsdl site and click on the Pan Card status tab.
  • Once you tap on this link one form will appear.
  • here enter your acknowledgement no or application no in the required column.
  • Enter the name and date of birth and click on submit button.
  • This is a process of seconds and you will get the detailed information about your Pan Card status.


Pan Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

it can be happen that you lost your acknowledgement no. But don’t worry still you can  verify Pan Card making process through entering your name and date of birth. What is the process, let us tell you here.

  • First of all log in to the registered website.
  • Now tap on Know Your Pan Status link.
  • Now here you will be displayed the column of acknowledgement no.
  • If you don’t know your acknowledgement no, leave this column.
  • Come down and fill the name and date of birth exactly you entered in the Pan Card enrollment form.
  • You must enter the surname and date of birth as per the sequence shown in the form.
  • Now click on submit button.

Your application is registered and now you are able to trace your Pan status. Just keep in mind you need to enter the same spellings and numbers you mentioned in the Pan Application form. So if you forgot your application no, this is very easy process to know your Pan Status.

What is GST Bill? Goods and Services Tax Explained with Benefits


What is GST Bill?

Indian government is introducing revolutionary GST bill to curb income tax scammers and business who avoids IT by gaming the system. However, the main intention behind this new bill is to give all business a relief from different types of tax by combining them into one single tax. Want to know what is GST bill? We have recently seen people talking a lot about GST bill being passed in India, and all the social networking platforms including Facebook & Twitter are flooded with posts related to the bill. So, what exactly is this GST Bill? GST (Goods and Services Tax) Bill is going to be the biggest ameliorated in the history of Indian economy since it started 25 years ago. This change is going to take place in the indirect tax structure that has been implemented ever since, and the passing of the bill is an initial step towards the reality. The 122nd Constitution Amendment Bill has been passed in Rajya Sabha a few days back with the good wishes of the Congress (who were the main reason) after displayed a broad view of the political consensus throughout the years. However, most of us are yet to know what is GST and what is does, and how it is different from other regimes, the functionality of the bill and when the bill will become an act. Here’s a brief answer to all those questions explaining how GST works.

When will GST Bill becomes an act?

GST Bill as of now has just got passed in the Parliament. It only comes into total implementation once after being enacted in more than half of the state legislative assemblies. In other words, if more than half of the state assemblies think that GST Bill causes more economic damage to their state if implemented, the bill will be canceled.

How does GST Bill work?

The functionality of GST Bill can be explained in three phases:

  1. 1st Phase: A shirt manufacturer has initially bought raw materials of worth Rs 100 (Cloth, Buttons, Thread, Stitching Equipment) including a tax amount of Rs 10 and started manufacturing the shirt. As the hard work he puts in producing the shirt adds up to a certain value, the value of the shirt is hiked by Rs 40. Now, the gross value of the shirt is Rs 140. Assuming the 10% of the tax rate on this gross value, the output tax is Rs 14. If GST bill becomes law, he can skip this tax of Rs 14 and only pay the effective incident GST on the shirt which is (14-10) Rs 4.
  2. 2nd Phase: The next stage is passing the shirt from the manufacturer to the seller. The seller purchases the shirt for Rs 140 and adds a certain value while transporting, for example, say Rs 25. The gross value of the shirt then becomes Rs 140+ Rs 25 = Rs 165. Again, applying a 10% tax on this, will give output as Rs 16.5. On applying GST bill, the incidence comes out as (16.5-14) = Rs 2.5.
  3. 3rd Phase: In this stage, the shirt reaches the retailer. Again, the retailer adds a value of say Rs.15 and makes the gross value of the shirt as Rs 165+ Rs 15 = Rs 180. 10% tax application makes the output as Rs 18. However, the incidence on the retailer will only be Rs 1.5 (Rs 18 – RS 16.5) according to the GST Bill.

In the end, the total GST value on the entire manufacturing chain per shirt is Rs 10 + Rs 4 + Rs 2.5 + Rs 1.5 = Rs 18 which is far less than the traditional tax output. Overall, this is a big saving in the tax and it will also make the system more transparent. However, it is still unclear how government is going to generate more revenue out of it.

Service Tax

The GST bill is clearly going to put a huge impact of those filing service tax as it is likely to hike to 18%. Government is expecting to get extra revenue from the service tax segment while giving benefits to the end users by keep the tax low on goods and manufacturing business. Service related business are going to take a huge dent. It would be also interesting to see how this affects “kachha bill” system in India.

Let’s take a look at the types of GST before understanding what is GST.

Types of GST

It is also essential to know different types of GSTs explained by the prime minister as well as finance minister. Since GST is likely to impact state government more, it is still in question how the government is going to take care of it. They have already announced a 100% compensation till 2020 but it would be interesting to see what is their proposal after 2020. It is necessary to please state government as well as they are going to loose huge revenue due to this. There is a provision for this too.

what is gst bill

  1. Central GST: CGST is a tax charged service of commodities and several other products. It also includes charge/tax levied on transportation. This revenue usually goes to the central government. Input tax credits (ITC) are given to the state government as well. India is going to adopt dual GST mode. ITC could be utilized against the Central GST payment only. This is still unclear and more information shall be provided about it.
  2. State GST: SGST is a state tax output that is collected on Sales, Entertainment, luxury, octroi, property, municipality, recreation, Food, Lottery, Gambling etc. This tax is levied by state government as well as local bodies only. They shall be used for the welfare of the state only. Only state government can impose that and it could be different according to different states. However, government is planning to put a cap on this. There is also a provision of 100%  compensation for the state government.
  3. Integrated GST: IGST is charged when the goods and services are exchanged between two states. For example, if a product is moving from Gujarat to Delhi, then the respective state government can levied the charge on it. This revenue will be shared between both state and central government. This is where most of the states are opposing as it can affect their revenue. Many states are against this and government is looking for a solution to this situation.

A more indepth information on different types of GST shall be provided very soon. Meanwhile, check the presentation on GST to understand it better.

Advantage and Disadvantage of GST

It has its own advantage and disadvantages. First of all, it will ensure that no cascading of taxes happen. Check the image below to understand how it is going to avoid cascading tax. Let’s assume that the GST is 15% at present

cascading tax

Advantages of GST

Following are some of the advantage of GST

  • Removes multiple or cascading taxation
  • Manufacturing and other cost may go down further making things cheaper in India
  • No hassle of multiple tax making it possible for the business to breathe
  • Lessens the burden on shoulder of business to go through different formalities and tax system
  • Encourages FDI
  • Make it easy to establish a business
  • Indirectly IT loot will be curbed
  • Puts India in the list of other 140 counties where GST is already applied

However, GST is not as bright as you think. Considering the BJP governments nature and tendency to introduce new taxes and cess can make it difficult for the normal people.

Disadvantages of GST

Following are some of the disadvantage of GST bill

  • Tax substantially go up from 14% to 18-20%
  • Service tax will increase making service sector more costlier
  • Tax on retails would be almost double.
  • Imported goods would be taxed at higher rate by around 6%
  • Dual control compliance cost can go high
  • It could make it difficult for small business
  • Manufacturing states are at loss due to this
  • Octroi issue is to be resolved
  • Cess is yet to be calculated so this can increase the overall tax

There is a healthy discussion and explanation about GST on quora which you can go through for further simpler explanation. Overall, GST is going to revolutionize the Indian tax system. It is a much welcome and anticipated change. Over 140 countries have the GST system and this move has been welcomed by USA and many other countries. It will also make foreign business much easy. Consequently, it will open the door for FDI and more businesses.

Let us know your view about GST bill. For more information about the same you can follow our dedicated GST bill portal.